Coast to Coast Map v 2.1 Released

Tested on game version 1.6.x

It is mostly scenery additions in Florida along with the Colorado Springs area by bobtavenger.
There are two scs files in the zip, activate them both in the Mod manager (giving either higher priority works)
Tested 1.6


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1 Response

  1. Steve says:

    I install and try this mod all new location they look great..The only problem that this MOD create is on the GPS adviser
    1) The blue Icon on the GPS is much smaller.
    2) The First screen on the GPS that does give you a close up that show the Yellow up icon turn by turn does not show anymore ,and does give me very hard time to see on what exit to get off.
    3)The zoom out on the GPS is useless

    I try many different way to fix this problem with the GPS with out any success. the only way to turn everything back on is first make a back up of the saved file witch I did.
    Second to disablew the mod and eveything is back to normal on the GPS display.

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