momos-physics 0

[Official] Momo’s Physics 6.1 Geometry (1.29)

Tested on game version 1.29.x ** IMPORTANT: You need a separate air suspension seat mod to work with this mod, choose an air seat of your chioce from the links below: Choice 1: Air...

currency-pack 0

Currency Pack v 1.0 (1.29)

Tested on game version 1.29.x Give Mod High Priority !!WARNING!! Will not work with economy mods. Version 1.0 Added 24 new currencies which are listed below. •Canadian Dollar •Mexican Peso •Swiss Franc •Czech Koruna...

real-diesel-prices 0

Real Diesel Prices 11-30-2017 (1.29)

Tested on game version 1.29.x Updated diesel prices to real state averages. • California $3.56 • Nevada $2.99 • Arizona $2.78 • New Mexico $2.86 Credits: ryanclark1995

manac-4-axis-log 0

Manac 4 Axis Log Trailer 1.28-1.29.x

Tested on game version 1.28.x and 1.29.x Standalone trailer. Adaptation to 1.29.x ATS game version. Few fixes on 3D model. Reworked and improved some parts. Liftable axle. Added to a.i. traffic. Added reflective rear...

ai-traffic-pack 0

AI Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v 3.6 (1.29)

Tested on game version 1.29.x Pack adds in traffic 125 new AI cars and motorcycles: Chevrolet Blazer, Tahoe(GMT900), Caprice, Cruze, Malibu, Silverado, Colorado, Avalanche, Trailblazer, Cobalt, Impala(’96,’06), Spark, Camaro Dodge Grand Caravan, Neon, Dart,...

galaxia-skin 0

Peterbilt 579 Galaxia Skin (1.29)

Tested on game version 1.29.x Skin Galaxia 579 V 1.29 Nivel 1 Espero Y Te Guste Si Es Asi Apoyame 🙂 Credits: Mastersmods

dhl-skin 0

Kenworth W900 DHL Skin (1.29)

Tested on game version 1.29.x -Skin DHL -V1.29x -SOLO KENWORTH W9000 -Disponible NV1 -Precio $1000 Mx Credits: Mastersmods

trailer-pack-container 0

Trailer Pack Container (1.29)

Tested on game version 1.29.x Standalone AI Traffic ** Respect the download link ** Credits: SCS, MDModding, Fred_be

trailers-and-cargo-pack 0

Trailers and Cargo Pack by Jazzycat v 1.8 (1.29)

Tested on game version 1.29.x Pack adds in game 21 new trailers and 56 new cargo. All standalone. Works on any maps. For ATS version 1.29.x. Compatible with all my packs. Models and skins...