Peterbilt 579 Tomdooleys Tuning Mod


Peterbilt 579 Tomdooleys Parts/Tuning mod for American Truck Simulator.

ATS Game Version: 1.4

“Beacon” mount point, compatible to Aradeth/Ohaha’s parts from the VNL
Exhausts for sleepers: Short Double Caliber (shorter pipes, fits better behind the standup sleeeper), outward-angled rear and side stacks modified from Pendragon models
Selection of Viper’s 389 fenders adapted for the 579 (quarter/half/full fenders for sleepers)
Neon effect under chassis (sleepers)
more side skirt options
Chrome or illuminated (white) Peterbilt logos for the radiator grill, adapted from Viper’s 389
Side blinkers, for sleepers only
Sideflares for sleepers: models with cleft for side exhausts (one by Shin2044, one by me), longer continuous sideflare panels (replacement), double-row sideflare (under cabin and under sideskirt)
Rear-left toolbox (by Viper) or steps for the no-plastic sideskirts
window deflectors

Credits: TomDooley, – Beacons, by D3S and Matgamer (might be adapted without too much hassle) – ETS Tuning Parts for ATS 1.1 fixed, by Aradeth (lights, horns, bullbars, …) – SCS Extra Bumpers and Parts 1.3, by Pendragon (sideskirts, exhaust pipes, headache/logger racks, bumpers…). Don’t forget to pick up the shinyness fix from the respective forum. – EPIQ fairings, by GT Mike (workshop) – Big T’s flashers (pocket beacons, look great on bullbar) – Shorty’s wheel pack – I also found 50keda’s ETS2 accessories mostly compatible


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