SINS Advanced Economy Mod [v.1.5.x]

Tested on game version 1.5.x

Real Fuel Prices
Support For Coast – 2 – Coast Map And its Expansions Viva Mexico / CanaDreams
Real World Cargo Demand / Trend / Pricing
Trailer Mods Supported / Player Can Request too! – Supported Trailers will be on our website
Recommended Mods / Realism : On our website – check it out!
Yellow Light Rule – 4 Seconds instead of 2!
Real (avg) Police Ticket Prices – Even Harsh fines for D.O.T. Regulations (such as Avoid Sleeping)
Driving Regulations D.O.T.
*Weekend Events – STEAM ONLY< — Fast Technical Support Responses via “Contact Us” on website A Changing Economy (Faster updates from Steam users) ——————————————————————————————————– The Mod also changes often, which is why we tend to use steam for faster updates – however we will try to keep up with public support by uploading to mod sites. You can view our steam thread at : Donations Are always accepted, and never forced – we have a donate link on our website if you wish to contribute to the project : No donations ever get used for personal use!


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