Tomtom Trucker 6000 Navigator V1.1 1.30.x

Tomtom Trucker 6000 Navigator mod for ATs 1.30.x

Changelog for version 1.1
– Rebaked all textures;
– Added protective glass in front of lcd screen;
– Improved materials;
– Decreased device size (-10%);
– Some little changes in definition file.

– HD textures and high quality 3d model;
– Navigator available in two types: with or without sun protective visor;
– Navigator has 3 positions to choose from: default, rotated left and rotated right;
– Unit installed in the windshield slots (see “how to install.jpg” for the info);
– Integrated GPS will be disabled for vanilla trucks;
– Mod suitable for all vanilla trucks and should be compatible with many modded trucks (see “supported_trucks.jpg” for info);
– Clean log.

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